About Us

The first stage of the Virtual museum Serdica-Sredec-Sofia started in 2012, and the second one finished in 2014. The two stages were financed by the Programme Culture of Sofia municipality.

The first stage presented the three Serdica-Sredec-Sofia churches – St. Sofia, St. George, St. Nikola and St. Pantaleymon and the accent were the Basilica St. Sofia and the Necropolis around and under it. The second stage shows actual aspects of the semantic axis Serdica-Sredec-Sofia. The creation and the start of the Museum about the history of Sofia are presented with the basic moments of the exposition.

The Virtual museum is being developed as it shows in the net consciously and unconsciously forgotten historical “phenomena and processes” from the semantic axis Serdica-Sredec-Sofia.

The project about the Virtual museum is realized by a team with a leader Hristo Kovachev, the historian Dr. Veselina Vachkova and the writer Hristo Bukovski. An administrator of the Virtual museum is Petar Kovachev.

The foundation REGION.BG in partnership with the advertising – publishing agency THE GOLDEN DRAGON have worked out and developed the two stages of the Virtual museum. We are ready to work with everybody who can see in us skilful and loyal partners.

On behalf of the team,

Hristo Kovachev
e-mail: region.bg@abv.bg